The mission of All Friends Nature School is to foster the development of the whole child – physical, cognitive, emotional and social – through use of a play, place, experiential and emergent curriculum. A natural environment offers the ideal setting wherein a child may grow and develop freely, with enthusiasm, confidence and excitement.

By fostering the development of self-regulation, self-direction, and self-reflection, we provide children with the educational foundation that will support them for the rest of their lives. We value the relationship between parents, teachers and our community and work to build these relationships so we can nurture the growth of children during this important developmental time. 



About Our Teachers


Susan, Founder of All Friends Nature School

Susan Seiguer – Founder

Susan, founder and lead teacher, grew up in a rural town in Virginia. From a young age she was grateful to have space to roam and explore. Some of her fondest memories were playing hide and seek in the forest, catching tadpoles and  playing outside all day. Attending college in a mountain town led her to an even deeper appreciation of nature. This love of nature continued on into her adult life taking her on many traveling adventures and bringing her to California. The biggest adventure was becoming a parent to two amazing boys. Susan has been working with children and families for the last 13 years. Susan has a genuine appreciation for the outdoors and is passionate about teaching young people to have a meaningful connection to nature and the world around them. Susan is trained in “Growing Up Wild” an early childhood education program that builds on the children’s sense of wonder about the world around them. Susan also continued her education in Forest Kindergarten Teacher Training at the The Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers. 

Susan is an active board member of the California Association of Forest Schools (CAFS).

All Friends Nature School Teacher

Aixa Correa – Lead Teacher

Aixa Correa has a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Leadership, where she learned outdoor survival skills as well as the vital role of building a strong community, and the importance of outdoor free-play in our daily lives as healthy humans. Previous to Nature School, she co-led high school and college students on backpacking trips through beautiful Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. Although she’s always been more drawn to the “little ones”, she knows that these previous experiences were part of her path in building her skill set to work in such a setting. Aixa is currently in a Waldorf teacher training program, gaining more knowledge and experience so that she may learn to serve her students as best she can. In her free time, Aixa likes to hike, visit her family in Corona, read books, and connect with other human souls.


Leilani Mendoza – Teacher Assistant

Leilani Mendoza was born and raised in Southeast Idaho where she gained her passion for camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking and especially snowboarding. She has called San Diego home now for 11 years, and graduated from SDSU with her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sustainability and International Studies. During her time at SDSU she studied abroad in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Amazon Rainforest, Andeam Mountains and her most favorite Galapagos Islands. To fund these adventures, she has held various leadership roles for a local restaurant group for the past 9 years. During this time Leilani also did a two year internship at The Water Conservation Garden where she first felt the joy of teaching young minds as an Educational Tour Guide. While at home she enjoys gardening, raising butterflies and caring for her 4 fluffy chickens with the help of her fiance’ and puppy. Leilani is actively continuing her education in early childhood development, while holding a (part-time) position with CA Parks and Recreation. She is excited to continue learning, growing and exploring with the students at All Friends Nature School!