Hi, I’m Susan, Founder and Lead Teacher at All Friends Nature School. Growing up in a rural town in Virginia, my childhood was surrounded by nature. My brother, sister, cousins and I would spend all our days outside, always looking for our next adventure. Climbing trees, catching bugs, making mud pies or skipping stones in the stream are some of my fondest memories. My love for nature was so apparent that I was given the nickname “pigpen” as I would come home covered in mud and would have leaves and sticks in my hair.

My love for nature continued to grow into my adult life taking me on many traveling adventures. Although, the biggest adventure was becoming a parent to two amazing boys. Having a background in early childhood development, in 2007 I started a home daycare business with an  emphasis on nature and arts. My vision of a Nature Preschool has continued to grow each year.  I have always felt that nature would always be a part of my life, my children’s life and the life of the the little ones I teach.

Did you know that Ms. Susan also has training on ‘Growing Up Wild?’  An early childhood education program that builds on children’s sense of wonder about nature and invites them to explore wildlife and the world around them. In addition Ms. Susan has completed level 2 training in Forest Kindergarten and continues her education at The Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers. Anticipated completion of level 3 summer of 2019.